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Targeted  & Measurable Digital Radio Advertising


Pandora Radio LogoI recently attended an American Advertising Federation luncheon where the presentation was from Pandora Radio. As a listener, I learned a lot more about how I can personalize my Pandora experience. More importantly, they shared some great points on why an advertiser or agency should consider advertising on Pandora as part of their marketing media mix.

Digital channels continue to emerge and become a greater portion of company advertising and marketing budgets. This is a great investment, because in digital channels there is a much greater opportunity for targeting your users and for measuring results. For all of us who are accountable for ad budgets and results – any avenues that are measurable usually get a second look.

A few facts about Pandora Radio

  • Pandora radio has over 217 Million registered users. Only 3% of those are Pandora One users, the other 97% have accounts but still see ads. This means that you can target these users based on all their user profile data
  • Internet radio is Unicast vs. Broadcast. When you’re advertising via regular radio or television, you are sending one message to many people. Pandora allows you to send your messages to a specific user.  Messages can be tailored to your buyer personas.
  • Pandora is the #2 mobile app, second to Facebook! Mobile usage and mobile advertising will only continue to grow.  This gives you the opportunity to reach people based on who they are, what they like, where they are, during specific days of the week, times of the day and within certain music styles that resonate with your personas. Powerful stuff.
  • How do you know that your audiences will hear your ads? Pandora has a great feature that pops up after one hour of no interaction. The “are you listening” pops up to ensure listeners are there.
    • Pandora pays royalty for every song they play. So they clearly save money with this process.
    • Advertisers also won’t be paying for ads that are not heard.
  • Average online radio listening time is 10 hours a week. Your audiences are listening during their drive, work days, exercise times, around the house and more. You can reach them anywhere they are.
  • Pandora provided advertisers with targeted, measurable ad data. You select the data points and attributes of your buyer personas. Reports will show how often your ad is played, seen, clicked on, whether it was on mobile devices or desktop and much more. You don’t get that level of detail with radio or television ads.
  • Ads are seen and heard. Internet radio advertising combines both eyes and ears where your message is shared via voice, and compelling creative ads are also shown. This can drive higher engagement with your audiences.

Our firm has been buying Internet radio “spots” on Pandora Radio for a few clients already. It has proven very cost effective in reaching specific audiences, and delivering a valuable ROI. It certainly is part of our media buying and planning tactics.

There is so much in the marketing-sphere that talks about creating content that speaks directly to your target audiences. Blogs, videos, advertisements and more are focused on engagement and building a relationship with your customers. Pandora is another great channel that allows you to tailor messages and measure accordingly.

We’d even recommend A/B testing of the spots and creative ads to see what generates the most interaction and impact. A/B testing is another topic entirely.

If you’d like to learn more about Pandora Radio and how this type of Internet advertising can impact your marketing communications, drop us a line or give us a call today!



  1. We are interested in advertising our clinical PTSD trials on Pandora Radio for New York listeners.

  2. Can you give an estimated price of a standard Pandora advertisement?? approximately 30 seconds long?

  3. Radio commercials are a traditional way of marketing and one of the most effective one. Though traditional radios are getting replaced by internet radios the concept of radio commercials are still growing. In the very short time interval available, a radio commercial should deliver its message in a unique, memorable way to catch the audience attention. Along with the high frequency in which a radio commercial reaches its audience, the uniqueness makes it highly effective.

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