Spring Fever: Catch These Online Tips

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If you caught a recent Facebook post, it’s likely you witnessed that our very own lead fish Ryan has a case of “Spring Fever.” The anticipation of a spring arrival is building and the fever is spreading. In case my Midwest friends need a refresher……

Spring Fever is that feeling of restlessness you get at the end of a long winter, as well as excitement at the prospect of spring. 

Heralding warmer temps and longer daytime hours, spring isn’t just a season for getting back to nature, but also for refreshing wardrobes, upgrading electronics, and restarting home projects that stalled during the cold and dark winter months.

It’s also a great time for small businesses to assess the current state of their online presence and take the steps to improve it. With the right online moves, savvy small business owners can get a nice bump in business this time of year and do some spring cleaning.

Online Marketing Tips: 

  1. Spring Clean “aka” Declutter Your Website:

At home, it’s time to deal with those overflowing closets. At work, chances are your online footprint could also stand a round of two of decluttering. Eliminate the things that don’t serve you, including outdated content and products that don’t sell. Keep it simple, top-line and easy to navigate.

  1. Freshen Up Your Logo:

Is your logo looking a little stale? Does it get lost in the shuffle? If it’s been years since you first conjured up your business logo using the back of a napkin or some clipart, it’s a safe bet your brand struggles to stand out in a sea of professionally-designed logos. A good logo can help cement a firm’s visual identity, and it expresses a “level of professionalism” that consumers and potential clients expect.

  1. Your Metrics Matter. Spring Into Action:

If it’s been ages until you’ve logged into your website monitoring tools or Google Analytics account (or if you just asked yourself what is Google Analytics), then it’s time to take a step back and put some processes in place make sure your online marketing strategies are paying off.

Using website metrics to see where your traffic comes from, what they’re looking at, if your online content is on point, and then determining what is working, what isn’t, is incredibly important in today’s digital world.

It may also be time to revisit your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. What worked a few years ago is ancient history to Google.

For any PR, branding, digital marketing or social media support, drop BluFish a line. We’d be happy to provide a free consultation and discuss your needs, preferably outdoors on a spring-like day.

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